The slipper chair – an all purposes chair

From my point of view, the slipper chair is one of the most versatile and stylish chairs, available in a multitude of designs and colors, making it easy to blend in.

The history of this chair started in the 18th century, being associated with Queen Ann and it has a similar look to the one we see today. Because it had short legs it was the perfect chair to help ladies to dress up. The wide frame makes it super comfortable and the perfect lounging chair.

A flexible choice

A slipper chair works great as a bedroom chair and it can either add a nice touch to the room or create a comfy, reading corner. Have one near the window, add a small table and you have a great reading area, where you can enjoy your morning newspaper and drink a cup of coffee or relax reading after work while reading a new book. Add an ottoman and you will have a super comfy chair that doesn’t crowd up the room.

If you want to use the slipper chair as an accent piece, than look for fancy, different designs. A zebra print or bright lime upholstery will surely make the chair a statement piece. A leather slipper chair, with metallic frame and a patent look is great for modern bedrooms or living rooms and in this case black is the best option.

Upholstered seat and back

This is the most popular feature and it delivers superior comfort, especially if the upholstery is soft and the cushioning supporting yet plushy. If you go for the tufted upholstery option, choose a chair in light, pastel colors and the chair will create a feminine, romantic look.

Upholstered seat

If you like to see the chair’s frame more, than opt for a slipper chair that has upholstered seat, the back being simple. The wood, glossy finish is surely a nice twist to the whole all upholstered chair thing.

It’s wrong searching for armless slipper chair as this type of chair is by definition armless. Regardless where you shop, you will notice that I am right. In fact, the armless feature makes it smaller, thus suited for all room sizes.

Most slipper chairs have a weight limit, due to their small frame and if you plan to use this chair in the living room or in a room where a guest might sit on it, make sure that the weight warning excludes your guests. It’s better to be safe as I am sure you don’t want to make your guest feel bad by telling them they can’t sit on the chair as they can break it.

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Modern or vintage, simple or sophisticated, with ottoman or not, the slipper chair will look great regardless of the room you place it in. Buy two slippers if you want to create a relaxing corner where you and your partner can chat after a busy day at work.

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