The bedroom chair bed – a must have for small spaces

Not all of us live in big, spacious houses with guests rooms and the bedroom chair bed is the best solution in this case.

During day you can lounge on it and watch TV, read a book or just relax and at night you can convert it into a nice, comfortable bed. If you want to have a better posture and be comfortable while reading, you can convert it into a bed so your whole body gets the proper support.

Own bedroom.
If you live alone but and you want to make sure that you have room for an unexpected guest, buy yourself a bedroom chair bed. You can use it however you like and when your best friends decides to stay over, just popup this chair and you are done.

Children rooms.
In this case sleepovers are inevitable and it’s best to have some option for bedroom chairs just to be prepared.

If you are expecting more guests, than you can use the chair and sleeping bags or inflatable mattresses, whatever you have around the house.

Look for a sturdy one because you will need all the extra support that you can get. Just think of all the jumping and crazy games that are bound to happen and you will understand. If you have more free space, than go for a convertible sofa because you can squeeze more children on it:).

Guest rooms.
If your guests are just like Huns, when they come to visit they come in packs, than you will have to supplement the bed with a simple bedroom chair bed. You can choose on that matches the bed or one that stand out through its design or color.

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Simple or with a funky twist, colored or mostly black or white, the ideal small bedroom chairs bed has to be comfy and to look cool.

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