Sphere chair also known as moon chair or round chair

A budget safe and yet modern looking chair is the sphere chair, also known as a moon chair or round chair due to its round shape.

The sphere chair may be foldable but it can deliver a lot of comfort and support if you choose the right model. Most chairs don’t need assembly so if you aren’t the craftsmanship type than make sure your chairs fits in this category.

Let’s face it, not most people would choose this type of chair if it wasn’t for the price tag. For a decent looking and comfy chair you will have to pay around $30-$50, which is insanely cheap. When the order arrives and people actually see the many benefits of the moon chair, they decide to buy more.

If you need a bedroom chair for your kid, we strongly recommend this model. Your kid can have his favorite pillows and toys in the chair and still have enough room to sit comfortable.

You can also find sphere chairs for adults you can use for the gaming area in front of the TV, for the reading nook or occasionally outside.

These chairs are great as dorm chairs also. When the summer holiday approaches the last thing you want to do is to carry an old, heavy chair down the stairs. A small, foldable and light weight saucer chair is the perfect chair for the job. When you are the host of the party you will needs as much floor space as you can get and let’s face it, a dorm room isn’t a spacious room at all. With this round chair all you need to do is to fold it and hide it in a corner or behind the desk and you are done. Next day you unfold it and get back to studying in just a couple of seconds.

When it comes to color, you are more likely to find a moon chair with a monochrome cushion rather with a patterned one. If you go to a store that has a wide variety of saucer chairs you have better chances of finding cushions with animal print or with various funny designs and nice color mixes.

What to look for

If you don’t want to buy furniture online and you decide to go to the nearest furniture store and check if they have a nice chair that you like, check the design carefully before buying it.

The frame should be sturdy enough to support your body weight but also lightweight so that it can be moved around easily. A metal frame usually last longer than a plastic one and it has a more modern feel to it. The plastic frame is usually associated with dish chairs that have a small handle so you can easily carry them around so it all depends on what you are looking for.

Check the product details section and see the actual width of the chair. Some models are wide enough that they can allow a couple to cuddle up while watching TV while others are only suited for kids.

The weight limit is also important, as with all types of chairs. If you decide to shop online you will notice that it’s hard to find a sphere chair that actually says what weight limit it has. In this case your only solution is to contact them and see if you can find the answer. if not, we recommend looking for another chair because you might have an unpleasant surprise when the chair is delivered to your door.

A certain saucer chair might be intended for kids without actually saying this in the product’s description, thus making the chair unsuited for adults.

In most cases this type of chair has nice, super comfy and cozy cushions but you have to double check on this. The cushion is the one making the chair comfortable or not and you have to make sure that you go for the first option.

Most people overlook the importance of the seams and after a couple of days they notice that their saucer chair developed an uncomfy dent. This might be a small aspect but it can make the chair unusable for most people.

If you pay attention to details and have patience you will have the perfect sphere chair that will help you unwind after a busy day and that will last for a long, long time.

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