Saucer chair or the dish chair – Same thing, different label

The saucer chair, also known as a dish chair, moon chair or sphere chair due to its round shape, it’s a popular choice among people that want a comfy yet affordable lounging chair.

Whether it’s a dorm room, a kid’s room or the master bedroom, this chair does the trick.

No assembly.
This is why most people decide to go for these dorm chairs. The fact that you don’t have to spend half an hour assembling it just to notice that you have to start again because you forgot who knows what it’s a blessing. Don’t get us wrong, we are crafty and we like all sorts of challenges but if you can have a great, comfortable chair that doesn’t require assembly, why wouldn’t you go for it?

Weight limit.
Because the sphere chair has a frame and not 4 legs like the usual chair has you have to be careful when you buy it. Most chairs have a 300 pounds limit but make sure of this by reading the product label/description. Some designs might fit in the oversized chairs category but they were meant for kids so again, make sure to check this aspect. Because the design is somewhat wide don’t be surprised if both your kids share the same chair. In fact, you can also join them while they watch TV or play video games.

Perfect for all rooms.
If you need a bedroom chair that doesn’t take up a lot of space and that can be taken out of sight if needed, the saucer chair is perfect for the job. It can create a nice area where you can read, watch TV, play video games, study or just chat with friends.  When it comes to comfy and supportive dorm chairs, these do the trick. 

Regardless what name they have, all these chairs look the same: round frame, supportive cushion and foldable legs. It’s comfy and the favorite chair for people of all ages.

Here the list is endless. You can buy a saucer chair in a vibrant color like pink as a gift for a young girl or in black for the gaming area. If you are a sports fan, look for a chair that has your favorite team logo on it as there are plenty of options from which to choose. This chair is also available in nice, modern prints if you don’t like the monochrome look. You can get a princess or jungle print for your kid and I can bet she will love it.

Frame and cushion.
A nice shiny frame makes the chair have a modern vibe and the result can complete the overall design of the room. The cushion is the one providing all the comfort and you need to go for a super comfy, plushy one. You know you’ve found the perfect chair if you feel like floating when you sit on it.

Light weight.
This another great benefit the dish chair has. The fact that you can just fold it and take it with you when you move from a room to another is a great benefit. This round chair is great for dorms because no one wants to carry heavy furniture from a campus to another.

Indoor and outdoor chair.
Yes, you can take the moon chair outside if you are enjoying a nice relaxing day by the pool or a barbecue with your neighbors. Just remember to take it inside because most cushions don’t last long if exposed to rain or excessive heat.

If you decide to shop for a saucer chair online, be sure to carefully read the chair’s description and to check the weight limit. Think if you need more than one chair and if so, buy them in the same time to cut down on shipping costs. Most chairs are sold for around $30-$100, which is incredible compared to other types of chairs. Also keep in mind that a bigger price is not always a sign that you get something better for the price you are paying.

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