Reinvent the Tulip chair – 2 simple makeovers

The initial purpose of the tulip chair was to serve as a side chair. Even to this day it’s used in modern dining areas or even in the kitchen to create a modern vibe. This chair has loads of potential and with some items that you can find in your local craft/hardware stores.

If you have the chance to find this chair lying on the side of the road or in a thrift store, don’t hesitate and grab it. The original Eero Saarinen tulip chair is a distinctive chair but only for a trained eye. Most people have no clue that they own a designer chair and throw it away and replace it with a cheap chair.

1. Some paint will do the trick

Depending on the chair’s condition, you will have to seek a specialist’s help or do the job yourself. If you want to reproduce the original tulip chair, paint it white. Otherwise you can be creative and choose a color that you want.

How awesome is this great makeover? You wouldn’t even think is the same chair!

2. Changing/adding upholstery

An upholstered tulip chair requires just a little effort. get the old upholstery out and add new one using a staple gun. All it takes is some spare time and the right fabric.

When it comes to adding upholstery to the original tulip chair that had only a seat cushion, things turn ugly. You will need to add padding first: some foam or whatever you thing is comfortable enough for you. You will have to use glue or the staple gun. Then you will the upholstery making sure that you cover all the essential areas and that the staples aren’t visible.

This was originally an upholstered desk chair and after sitting in the garage for some time it ended up looking really bad. The after picture shows a brand new tulip chair!

You can be creative and bring to life the design that you love, depending on your budget and spare time: it can be laser cut, a nice, black stencil on the back of the chair or a metal paint.

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