Laura Ashley armchairs

There are plenty of Laura Ashley armchairs models to choose from according to your own tastes.

If you feel that you need a more feminine decor, try to recreate it with the help of a single piece: an armchair. It’s comfortable, the ideal place to enjoy your afternoons and can add that certain touch that you want.  Here are four chairs that have all these features and will surely make your friends envy you:

1. Denbigh Chair Corby Check. The stripes upon the light blue fabric make the chair ideal for a bedroom that is decorated using mostly light colors,  pastels or just plain white.  It has the widest frame so will also work as a breastfeeding chair.

2. Ellerslea Chair Villandry. The amethyst frame contrasts nicely with the black, shiny legs making this chair really stand out. It will be a nice addition to a teenager bedroom as the plushy upholstery will add both comfort and a little bit of quirk to the room.

3. Glendale Chair in Abigail Cran. This is the ideal chair for a vintage or traditional bedroom and it will look great next to a hardwood bed, with nice carved details. The upholstery will brighten up the decor and if you have a vanity table the Glendale chair will be the perfect choice. It has a less wider frame so it’s easier to move around the room or to have it near the window without taking up too much space.

4.  Pemberley Chair in Francesca E.  A simple yet fancy design, the buttoned upholstery create that luxurious feel and make this chair suitable for a princess. The blue pastel color make the chair look fluffy as a cloud.

If you are a leather fan, you have the Addison Leather Chair, an elegant piece that will go great in almost all decors. The Walden striped chair has a very summer house design and it’s super comfy. In fact, when you think of Laura Ashley you think feminine design, comfort and a very cozy, warm design.

But all these come with a price to match, as their best looking armchairs have huge price tags, most of them well over $2,000. If you want to add a feminine touch to your bedroom a Laura Ashley chair might do the trick but might empty your credit card.

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