Hanging bedroom chairs – main features

Hanging bedroom chairs usually have price tags that are way over the $1,000 mark and that’s why most people settle down for a regular chair that has an affordable price.

However, things don’t just stop here. If you can’t afford to buy a fancy hanging chair, it doesn’t mean that you should give up having this type of chair in your bedroom. Be creative! Look for a chair that you like and take a close look at it. Can it blend in nicely in the design of you bedroom? If so, than it’s definitely worth buying it.

The material. If the chair is made from wicker or rattan, than it will go great in a romantic bedroom, with light, pastel colors and simple furniture. If the chair is made from acrylic, than it will go great in a modern bedroom. Add a funky colored cushion and you are done.

Comfort. Many hanging bedroom chairs look great but the design is not the only important element here. You will spend lots of hours in this chair so make sure that your back is comfortable and that the height is proper.

Stability. This is probably the key feature of this chair and you should check it thoroughly before actually paying money for the chair, especially if the model you are interested in has a price to die for. Make sure that it will hold you and that it can be easily put together. You don’t want to fall and hurt yourself and possibly damaging your ceiling.


Hanging bedroom chairs are more and more popular these days and if you like the idea of reading your new book hanging in the bedroom, than you should definitely browse in your local furniture stores and see if you can find a small bedroom chair that you like.

1. Ravelo – Vibrant Look Porch Hanging Chair With Stand//2.Clove – Balance Curve Porch Swing Chair

3.Vifah – Hanging Chair with Cushions //4.BEST Egg-Shaped Outdoor Swing Chair

5.Metal and Wicker Flower Pod Chair//6. Ikea Ekorre Swing/hanging Seat/hammock In&outdoor

7.Two’s Company Hanging Rattan Chair//8.Eero Aarnio Bubble Chair With White Seat Cushion

9.Benzara 68720 Metal Hanging Chair//10. Trully – Outdoor Wicker Swing Chair

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