DIY Chair Makeovers: Chapter 1

A keen eye,  some spare time and dedication can go a long way. A lot of chairs are overlooked because they look too old, they don’t have the right upholstery or just because they don’t fit in a room’s design theme.

Photo credit:  Thrifty Thursday

An upholstery spray paint and some paint job for the arms and legs totally transformed this chair. The  tufted back and the dark teal color make it look a lot more expensive than it actually was. Chances are that you will need more than a can of paint to get full coverage (this chair required 5 bottles of Tulip fabric spray paint). Just cover the fabric when you paint the arms and the legs and when the paint is completely dry cover them and spray paint the upholstery.  Have a paint brush on hand to even the paint and prevent any blotchy spots.If your chair is tufted you will have to be extra careful and make sure that the paint covered everything.

 Photo credit: Design Sponge via Haley Beham

This caned chair got totally revamped! The original caning from the back and the arms was removed and the chair went through several sanding and priming processes. Then it came the cotton webbing and nailhead trimming, which took a lot of time! The cushion is a simple project as you will only need some plywood, foam and a nice fabric to cover it.  The budget for this was $100 so this is a total win!

 Photo credit: Centsational Girl

For this one, the tufted look was replaced with  modern, geometric upholstery. On her blog you have step by step instructions and you can also see the primer, paint and sealer that she used. I absolutely love how the silver finish on the legs makes the chair stand out.

Photo credit: Vintage Revivals

Yeah, I know, another cane chair! But this one was too good to pass on. In this case the webbing is needed only for the arms as the back and the seat have plushy upholstery. The deep green is a nice contrast towards the white tufted upholstery and I love how she used black stripe upholstery webbing instead of something more modern.

 All these 4 projects are great as bedroom chairs and can save you a lot of money if you have a weekend to dedicate to a little revamp process.

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