Desk chairs for women – 4 chairs that will fit in all decors

Regardless if you spend just a couple of minutes on a chair or you sit on it from 9 to 5, the comfort and support levels should be your main focus. Yes, the looks matter, but a cute as a button chair won’t make your back feel better.

When it comes to desk chairs for women making a quick choice over what chair is best suddenly doesn’t seem so easy. There are two directions: the classic desk chair or a modern chair, swivel or not that is both comfortable and appealing. The final decision will be influenced by lots of factors: if you work from home or not, the actual design of the office and why not, your personal preferences

Classic choices for desk chairs for women
You know them, those chairs that you see in all offices, with a gliding seat, adjustable height and a simple upholstery. The mesh desk chair is somewhat more modern looking but it still fits in the this category.

1. The chairs from Herman Miller.

The most popular ones are the Aeron chairs which are appreciated for their durability and increased level of comfort. They are the perfect office chairs and the look says it all: the focus is more on comfort than on bringing a funky, modern design.
The Herman Miller Aeron chair is found in sizes A, B and C, from smallest to largest. Most women would fit in the B category but some will need a wider or smaller frame. It’s all about comfort and in this case the experience that the company gathered throughout the years speaks for itself.
Buy the chair from Amazon or from the  Herman Miller store.

2. The Steelcase Leap Chair

Leather or not, this chair has a traditional look and offers superior comfort. It has been named as the best desk chair by a couple of magazines and along the Aeron chair is one of the most popular office chairs.
The price is somewhat bigger but the chair will last for ages and even increase your productivity according to some studies performed by the company. If you want a chair that supports your bodyweight without being too stiff this is worth checking up.

Buy it from Steelcase or Amazon.

Modern choices for desk chairs for women

If you would like a more modern, feminine and simple looking chair that doesn’t resemble an office one, you can look into a Parson chair or any upholstered chair that has the required height and support that you need. There are lots of modern swivel chairs that look very fancy without being comfortable so it’s rather a matter of choices. Here are just two suggestions.

1. Linon Occasional Chair Zebra Print

Modern, great looking and with a wild side, this chair looks great. The frame is wider compared to standard office chairs and it offers great lumbar support. If you need to save some space and push the chair under the desk make sure that it will fit. The wide frame can be a  big thumb up or a problem. Add a fluffy rug if you are at home or make the chair the centerpiece of your work area.

You can find it on Amazon, at Walmart or at Target.

2. Safavieh Soho Arm Chair in Cream

Not your everyday desk chair but if you want a classy, feminine design this surely gets a big grade. It’s comfortable, supportive and cool.

Check it on Amazon or at Walmart.

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