Decorate tastefully with upholstered chairs

I am a big fan of upholstered chairs with wicked, unique patterns used as accent pieces but you can do a lot more than this.

You can use them as reading or relaxing chairs, it all comes down to the design of the upholstery and your personal needs.

We have cotton, polyester, leather, faux leather, nylon or microfiber, each fabric with its own advantages and disadvantages.

Cotton. The traditional choice, always suited for all types of rooms, comes with an extra durable feature and it’s made from natural fibers, which makes it suitable even for those of us who are a little bit more sensitive. Cotton is soft, very absorbent so that you don’t feel like you are sitting in a puddle in the summer and it’s also breathable, thus being allergen free. Cotton upholstered chairs wrinkle a lot easier so if you plan to use the chair several times a day, you should consider other option.

Polyester. This is a more elastic upholstery compared to cotton, but it’s less breathable and absorbent. If you want an upholstery that will last for ages, with a super tear-resistant feature, you go with polyester.

Nylon. If you want an insect repellent material, nylon is a great choice. It’s durable, strong, highly flexible and most nylon upholstered chairs are available in bold colors.

Leather. Personal, I don’t like leather upholstered chairs, but that’s just my opinion. You are limited with your color choices, having to pick from brown, beige, black, white or red but the end result is one somewhat interesting.

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Faux leather. If you like the look of leather but you like to think eco or you can’t afford to pay the natural leather price tag, than this will do. In most case it won’t be as shiny as leather, but it will have the same comfort so why go for the real thing?

Microfiber. This fabric is stain resistant, comfortable, soft and dust free. Almost all chairs are made from microfiber as it creates a nice and clean look. Bedroom chairs with microfiber upholstery are the epitome of relaxation and the price tag doesn’t make you run for the hills.

The upholstery should complement the chair’s frame and has to look good in the room. Even with accent chairs, you can’t pick a chair that looks out of place. You just can’t have a super modern chair, made from white acrylic in a room that has a vintage/traditional vibe.

If you want something unique for your room, I recommend custom upholstered chairs. You can choose the print or, if you decide to work with a big furniture company, they can create your own print.

Contemporary upholstered chairs are the perfect choice if you don’t know exactly what to get. Go for a bold color or print and it will surely be a hit.

Some chairs have a weight limit so if you intend to use a certain chair in the living room or in any other room where a guest might want to sit on it, make sure that the weight warning keeps you on the safe side. You don’t want to tell a guest that she can’t use the chair because she might break it, you will both feel terrible.

Measure the available space you have and make sure that the upholstered chairs you intend to buy will fit. You don’t want to create a crowded look or to have to squeeze yourself when you want to sit in the chair.

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