Create a comfortable seating area with bean bag chairs

Bean bag chairs are not only for kids. In the right design and color, this chair can be a great addition to any room.

You can create a comfy reading area for you and your kids, a relaxing gaming corner or just some additional seating space for your guests.

The size.

Small, large super large, these chairs are available in kids and adult size and make a great addition to the room. Bean bag chairs are very common in dorm rooms because they are easy to move around and can be easily squeezed in a corner when you have guests.

The fabric.

You can opt for leather, if you want a classy looking bean bag chair or cotton, if you want to enjoy relaxing moments in your chair even in warmer days. Polyester is a popular choice for bean bag chairs for kids as they are usually available in funny shapes. Other options are twill, vinyl, nylon or suede, each fabric having its benefits.

The style.

If you want to use this chair to decorate a kid’s/teen’s room, you can let her choose the design or buy one you think she would like.  These chairs are perfect bedroom chairs because they have removable covers that can be easily washed whenever they get dirty. Great options for small kids are their favorite cartoon character, a funny shape or even a plain bean bag chair in their favorite color. In the children section you will find a lot of designs, starting from sea animals and going to wild safari predators, lips, baseballs or stars.
Yes, these are all creative idea but you have to make sure that they are comfortable because your kid will want to sit on chair, not just to play with it.

Now you can also find bean bag chairs shaped like an armchair or like a slipper chair and if you choose a simple design, in a color that suits your room, it will be super easy to blend it and it won’t look like it’s out of place. For the kid’s room you can find bean bag chairs that come with an ottoman, for added support.

A video game bean bag chair helps you to enjoy your time off and it doesn’t need so much space as a regular chair. You can throw it in the corner when you are done playing and use it to keep some clothes/books on it in the mean time. The price tag is also to die for, most of these chairs being sold for less than $100.

Foam vs polystyrene filling.

Over the years bean bag chairs changed a lot, being sold now in a myriad of shapes and designs. However, regardless of the look of the chair, it all comes down to one element: the level of comfort. Polystyrene beads are stiffer and if you want to spend a lot of time in this type of chair, you will need to get up and fluff up the chair. Foam tends to be softer and more comfortable, giving you a floating feel.

The purpose of the chair.

If the chair will be used for activities such as reading, doing cross puzzles, playing games or anything that requires having a sitting position, look for pear shaped chairs, chairs that have proper back support. For activities such as watching TV or just lounging around, the original, round/square shaped bean bag chair is what you need.

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Now you can even find convertible bean chairs, the famous Corda-Roy’s, that transform from a simple chair to a mattress that is perfect fro sleepovers. Bigger chairs can be used to sleep on both during the day and during the night, either for your kids or unexpected guests.

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