Comfy options for dorm chairs

When you share a small room with at least one person, space is your most important aspects you should focus on.

Look for dorm chairs that deliver the comfort you need while not taking up too much space. A foldable chair or a lightweight one that can be easily moved around when needed are the features you should look for. Below are some suggestions of popular chairs among students.

Bean bag

These oh so popular chairs are great if you are fan of this type of chairs. From the classic round, lying around the floor design to bean bags that are shaped like an armchair, there are lots of shapes and sizes to choose from.

Moon chair

Also called a sphere chair or dish chair, this is a super cozy and comfy foldable chair. It has a plushy cushioning and it comes in modern color choices, not forgetting the classic white or black. As this chair is quite different compared to a 4 legged one, you will need to make sure that you fit in the weight limit. This type of dorm chair is usually made for adults but there are models that are intended for kids so make sure that you go for the right choice. In fact, this chair is super popular when it comes to bedroom chairs for kids because it looks cool and it’s super easy to move around. Choose a wider frame and see if it requires any assembly as most don’t.

Papasan chair

This is similar to the moon chair, but it has a wicker/wood frame and a vintage feel to it. Due to the frame it’s not as lightweight but if this chair reminds you of home, than go for it. A big advantage these dorm chairs have is the removable cushions. If you stained the cushion, forget about rubbing the spot hoping it will come out. Just throw the cushion in the washing machine and the job is done. You want to make the dorm room as comfy, cozy and friendly as possible, don’t you?

Chair bed

If you need a chair that can provide extra sleeping space, this is a viable option. Compared to the chairs above, this one is slightly bulkier and suited only for dorm rooms that are more spacious. Check the frame and make sure that when it’s folded out the chair can support your body properly. A poorly constructed chair is easy to spot as when you sit on it you will actually feel the metallic frame. Don’t think that you will get used to it as you won’t. Spend a couple of extra dollars and buy yourself a sturdy, comfortable dorm chair. Some people refer to this as a sleeper chair.

The cheapest dorm chairs are the bean bags, moon chairs and the Papasan model, which cost anywhere from $40 to $200 while for a chair bed that will last for more than a couple of weeks you will have to pay around $600-$700. If your budget allows you to, choose a chair that is both sturdy and comfortable. This way you can relax while browsing your laptop or watching TV and feel like you never left home.

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