Club chairs – classy sitting options

The furniture you have reflects your style and club chairs are one of the most luxurious and impressive ones.

Even the name implies that, as they were first used in private clubs, where men from the high society met and spent lots of afternoons. Now you can find this chair in offices and at home, creating a comfortable area, with a classy look.

You can go from overstuffed to a sleep, sharp design, with leather upholstery or with a more accessible polyester one, depending on the look you want to recreate. Leather club chairs are on customers top list as they can create a fancy look, even if they are made from faux leather.

An upholstered chair, with a low frame, low back and with armrests, this is the main definition of this chair, that appeared in England and to this day can be found allover the world, in all styles and finishes.

Swivel. One of the most modern choices, swivel club chairs are great for small home offices as they are stylish and still so functional. It’s a great alternative to the old looking office chair and we recommend it even for the living room, if you need some extra seating space.

Reclining. If you are looking for a bedroom chair that has a stylish look and still deliver the comfort and support you need, look for a reclining club chair. Buy a chair that has an ottoman or get one that matches in order to increase your comfort.

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Older, more traditional models have the back higher than the arms, resembling a miniature armchair while modern designs have the back at the same level as the armrests or just a hint higher.

Decide how many club chairs you need and measure your free floor space. Do you have where to keep all the chairs you want to buy or should you just settle for one? Think wisely because you don’t want to create a overcrowded look.

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