Cantilever chair – Spenders vs savers

The cantilever chair is a fully modern piece and a nice alternative to the oh so popular bulky, oversized armchair that seems to be a must have in lots of bedrooms. Don’t be fooled by the looks of it, it’s actually a lot more comfortable and sturdier than it may seem.

If you like designer furniture and your budget supports you, go for the real deal. It will make the room look like a million bucks for sure! When it comes to replicas, you have to be very careful to the details of the chair. If you are on a hunt for an exact replica you will have to spend more compared to a chair that uses just the same system: the cantilever.

The real deal

1. Mart Stam Chair with Full Leather Back at Bauhaus 2 your house starting price $759.00
The Mart Stam cantilever chair was designed back in 1926 and the initial look was simple, minimal and supportive. This will be the starting point for all cantilever chairs and it costs less than $1,000.

2. Mr lounge arm chair at Hive Modern $5,823.00
Ludwig Mies van der Rohe signs the design of this chair in 1927. He was inspired by Marcel Breurer’s Wassily chair, the first chair that had a tubular steel frame. The Mies van der Rohe cantilever chair is fancier, more luxurious and a lot more expensive. It can take up to 14 weeks to create this chair and it’s quite obvious why. You can personalize the chair, choosing the fabric color you want most. And you won’t have a problem finding something that you like: you can pink from almost 40 colors and several leather textures!

3. Marcel Breuer D40 Cantilever Armchair at Bauhaus 2 your house starting price $1,334
The following year appears the Marcel Breuer cantilever chair with a slightly cozier feel. This one has a tubular nickel plated steel frame, beech wood armrest and wicker back and seat. The chair is very customizable now, offering options like colored wickerwork or saddle leather.

4. Luckhardt Chair at Bauhaus 2 your house starting price $1,360
The final piece of the puzzle was designed in 1929 and it’s quite a unique chair. The overall design of the chair made the production process very complicated. The frame is wider compared to previous cantilever chairs and this prevented other designers from trying to create similar chairs.

The replicas

1. Wholesale Interiors Forte Red and Black Patterned Modern Accent Chair at Stands and Mounts $205.00
Not the fanciest chair but definitely a creative one. The free space underneath the seat can be used to store a magazine or two or a small blanket. The design is very ergoniomic and the comofrt is supplied by the foam padding.

2. Modern Lounge Chair BN-Marmaris at Modern 1 Furniture $569.00
Compared to the original cantilever chair this one has a somewhat lower frame. If your height is above average you might find it rather uncomfortable to sit in this chair. You have several upholstering options: leatherette, leather or wool. If you are looking for a quirk, modern chair, this might just be it.

3. Modern Dining Chair BN-Soho Flat at Modern 1 Furniture starting price $429.00
it may be a dining chair but it will be a great bedroom reading chair. Add a nice, fluffy rug in front of it, a floor lamp and some books and you have your very own nook. When it comes to upholstery you have the same options as the model above.

4. Soho Lounge Flat Chair w Arms
Simple and model, this chair has a wider seat which makes it a great chair for relaxing after a busy day. It will go great in a modern bedroom, paired with a minimalist design or with pastel colors. The possibilities are endless!

The cantilever chair accomplishes the task of a modern chair yet with a design that will fit in most rooms. Because you want to actually be able to sit in it, make sure that the seat is comfy and it supports your bodyweight properly.

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