Bubble chairs – 2 affordable choices

I know, bubble chairs don’t actually fit into the bargain section, but boy do they look good or what? If you are a fan of this type of chair you’ve probably noticed that it’s hard to find one for a decent price.

Some people look for bubble chairs under 100 dollars in order to find something they can afford when in fact the lowest price for this type of chairs is around $300 if you are lucky.

The original hanging Eero Aarnio Bubble Chair has a huge price tag, more than $5,000 but if you like designer furniture this is a great one. You can find great replicas that don’t use the hanging system and are great decorative pieces. Hanging bubble chairs are even harder to pull off and not everyone is keen if them.

Before actually buying a bubble chair you will have to consider your bedroom decor. Will the chair complement the room or it will look out of place. This type of chair goes hand in hand with a modern, hich tech, futuristic design, basically a room that has the basics: the bed, the nightstands and the TV at most. A clean, minimalist decor is more suited for this type of chairs.

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Below are 2 cheap bubble chairs that will surely make a good impression. By cheap I mean under $1,000 and for these chairs this is more than a bargain. These aren’t similar with the original bubble chair, their designed is somewhat drastically changed.

1. The Sintesi bubble chair at Bauhaus 2 Your House$861.00 with free shipping.

Simple, with several customizing options and a nice, glossy finish, this chair will look amazing placed near an enormous window. It’s not the epitome of comfort but you can upgrade that by adding a comfy cushion. Buy two of them and you have a modern corner where you and your partner can share relaxing moments.

2. Mid-Century Bubble Chair at Interior Trade furniture $259.00

This beauty is available in black or red and will spice up any bedroom. The swivel chrome base allows 360 degree rotation making it perfect if you have a desk in your bedroom. For this price it’s an incredible offer and if you are on a hunt for bubble chairs that look good without costing a fortune, this will do.

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