The bedroom rocking chair – old style and modern comfort

The bedroom rocking chair was invented back in the 18th century and they first appeared  in North America.

Benjamin Franklin is considered to be the inventor of this chair, but  there are no strong evidences to support this theory.

Funny feature. Whenever I think about rocking chairs I have in mind the image of an old lady sitting  on it and Stepping on a cat’s tail, just like in old cartoons. But these chairs are  more than this: they provide comfort and relaxation and can be placed in any room, it  all depends on your needs and preferences.

Nice design. These bedroom chairs will most surely be the center piece of the whole room and can change the whole style. You can sit on it and read your favorite book, watch TV or have a peaceful moment.

Fitted for children. Children rocking chairs are extremely cute and come in sweet colors like pink, baby blue and the common brown. You can have them custom made or opt for designs like ballerina, princesses or sport themes for boys. They sometimes come with an ottoman as an additional support for the legs.

Accident free. Because many people ended up crushing their toes underneath, the modern bedroom rocking chair comes with special springs that prevent this from happening and you can safely enjoy your chair. The pain you feel when you put the rocker on your feet is an extremely bad one, trust me.

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Hardwood. These types of bedroom chairs are made from hardwood which makes them sturdy and long lasting. You can look for carved chairs, a design that will surpass most furniture pieces. The details can be deep or subtle, it’s your choice.

You can also go for wicker/rattan, as it’s a completely different design. All those weaves and swirls make it outstanding and they have various patters, from simple circles to diamonds. Unlike hardwood chairs, these are very easy to move around from place to place. Children rockers are sometimes made from fabric/plush and it’s like an armchair met a rocking chair: more fun for the children.

Pillows. These can complete the look and if you can , buy more pillows as various patterns will change the whole appearance of the chair: you can go from traditional pillows, to crazy patterns and even cartoon ones. Sometimes, these chairs come with a pillow but in most cases you will have to buy your own pillow.

Colors. If you’re not a kid, well the choices aren’t so diversified. You can go for brown, black and white most of the time. If you buy a hardwood rocker, you might be able to customize it yourself by applying whatever paint you want.

Go for custom made. If you don’t like the available design, you can find places where you can get a custom made bedroom rocking chair. You can choose the size, the color, the material, the upholstery if any, shortly you can easily bring to life your dream chair.

The bedroom rocking chair might not be the first choice when speaking about bedroom chairs, but if you choose to get one you will find yourself wondering how come you haven’t bought one until now.

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