A versatile choice – the chair and a half

If you need to create a comfy sitting area but you don’t have enough room for a couch or two chairs, the chair and a half is you way out.

It may not be the most popular chair, but it can surely stand out in the crowd.

Living room.
This chair can help you bring romance back in your life. Replace the old sofa with it and you and your partner can snuggle in it while watching you favorite TV show. If you have a dog/cat, they will surely love this chair. A medium sized chair and a half is the perfect choice if you have a Golden Retriever or a Rottweiler because you can both share this seating space without feeling crowded.

Use a chair and a half as a bedroom chair and you will create a cozy corner, where you can lounge and watch TV or you can share one chair with your partner and talk about your day. Choose a nice print, one that matches with your room, add a fancy floor lamp near it and you just created a comfy nook.

Nursery room.
If you are pregnant or have a baby, you know how annoying it is to sit in a stiff, tight chair. A chair and a half is able to deliver enough space both for you and your baby and can be a great breastfeeding chair. But things don’t stop here. You can sit with your kid in this chair while you read him a story or when you watch TV.

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The chair and a half is also a great choice if you want a space just for your, where you can relax after you get home from work or where you can enjoy a great book. Look for chairs that come with an ottoman for added comfort and support. If the ottoman has storage solutions than you just hit the jackpot.

The size.
It is called a chair and a half but the size varies so much, that you might end up with a medium sized chair. The length can start from around 40″ but it can go as high as “70 in some cases, so make sure that you buy the right thing. So, you can have a small bedroom chair or a much bigger one. A bigger chair and a half is perfect for a family with two kids, because you can all enjoy special moments together. The kids rest in your lap and you can say goodbye to the old, massive couch that was eating up all the free space that you had.

Almost all chair and a half designs are stain resistant and easy to clean because they were intended for intensive use. If you have kids or pets, you know what I mean.

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