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When you should start thinking about buying an oversized chair

An oversized chair is the way to go if the room allows you to. You definitely don’t need this type of chair in a small apartment as it will make the room look smaller than it actually is. it can also be pretty tricky to sit in the chair as it will more likely be read more »

Sphere chair also known as moon chair or round chair

A budget safe and yet modern looking chair is the sphere chair, also known as a moon chair or round chair due to its round shape. The sphere chair may be foldable but it can deliver a lot of comfort and support if you choose the right model. Most chairs don’t need assembly so if read more »

Saucer chair or the dish chair – Same thing, different label

The saucer chair, also known as a dish chair, moon chair or sphere chair due to its round shape, it’s a popular choice among people that want a comfy yet affordable lounging chair. Whether it’s a dorm room, a kid’s room or the master bedroom, this chair does the trick. No assembly. This is why read more »

Comfy options for dorm chairs

When you share a small room with at least one person, space is your most important aspects you should focus on. Look for dorm chairs that deliver the comfort you need while not taking up too much space. A foldable chair or a lightweight one that can be easily moved around when needed are the read more »

Desk chairs for women – 4 chairs that will fit in all decors

Regardless if you spend just a couple of minutes on a chair or you sit on it from 9 to 5, the comfort and support levels should be your main focus. Yes, the looks matter, but a cute as a button chair won’t make your back feel better. When it comes to desk chairs for read more »