Decorate with bedroom chairs

Interior decorating has gone a long way and you can do almost everything when it comes to putting furniture and ornaments together to create a space. I love a room with personality and bedroom chairs help you add extra charm and comfyness to your bedroom.

Whether you decorate on a budget or not, if you live in a small condo or you enjoy living in a house, all your efforts should focus on decorating your bedroom. You have to make it scream you, to be comfortable yet to have all the details that you love.

As a thumb rule, don’t go for price over looks. Granted, you can find lots of designer bedroom chairs or high end chairs that look amazing but you can achieve a great look by paying just a fraction of the price. Thrift stores or garage sales are the perfect places to look for chairs with personality and sometimes just a coat of spray paint can make for a whole different look.

Big bedrooms

A bigger space allows you to be more creative and blend in all the things you love and like. Create a reading nook near the window with two chairs and a small table or use just one chair if you like to have a lot of free space.


                                                                      Photo credit: The enchanted home

Chairs in matching colors are the safest way out and create a nice, simple look. In this case you can see only small accents like the cowhide ottoman, stenciled wallpaper and a very feminine chandelier.


Photo credit:  coco+kelley

Here you can find everything: bed, coach, bedroom chairs, a glass coffee table and huge ceiling to floor windows. This room is on the edge of clutter as you have to be super careful not to crowd the sofa and chair with clothes, books, laundry etc.

Photo credit: David Jimenez

I absolutely love this one. The gray and yellow combo is one of my fave and here it looks sooo nice with so much white everywhere. Even if the chairs are rather big, the simple, silver frame makes them looks way less chunky.

Small bedrooms

Think big! Use simple furniture, in bright colors and keep it to a minimum. You will surely find a corner for a small slipper chair. Let the lamps and other elements pop and stick to a nice, clean design.

Photo credit:  designstILes

This is probably one of the best examples of what you can do with the right color and with some determination. The blue really puts accent on the furniture and the small bedroom chair really dresses up the corner.

Photo credit: House Beautiful

These mustard stools are great for dressing up and putting on the shoes in the morning and they are a true eye candy.

Photo credit:  Anna @ D16 via Flickr

A corner is all this chair needs and you have your own reading/relaxing nook. The small height of the furniture makes the room look bigger.

Photo credit:  The nester

Here you have a rather small bedroom but somehow the owner managed to incorporate two chairs in the decor. The studded armchair is to die for (and such and easy DIY project) and the distressed chair is actually a DIY (check the whole how-to here).

A much needed vanity chair

I absolutely hate putting my make-up on in the bathroom because I like to sit down and take my time. If I’m in a hurry, the bathroom mirror will work for sure because I’ll only need less than 2 minutes to make my face look watchable but otherwise I use my vanity table. A small stool and a narrow table is all it takes.

Photo credit: BHG

Here we have not one, but three bedroom chairs. The vanity chair has a low back and which doesn’t hide the details of the vanity table and the two side chairs complement the look nicely. A truly girly area which is nicely balanced with the distressed frames.

Photo credit: Super natural botanicals

If you want a budget friendly solution, look for a feminine table with drawers, add a mirror and a matching chair and you’re done. This can be redesigned in so many ways and you can safely stay even under the 50$ mark.

Use a chair as a nightstand

Like the chevron print, the chair used as nightstand became very popular and seems to pop up everywhere: in interior design blogs, magazines and even in furniture showrooms.

Photo credit: Brown paper packages

A broken chair, a simple frame and a ribbon somehow managed to successfully replace the classic nightstand and it’s also budget friendly.

Photo credit: Down and out chic

This lovely summery design is chic and simple and it provides just enough space for your alarm clock, a phone and eventually some small jewelry.

Photo credit: Poppytalk

You can easily recreate this design with books with nice cover designs and a chair painted in a bright color.

The bedroom office

If you work from home or if you like to have your creative space in the bedroom you have to make the work and sleep items go together. If you go for a very formal office style, with brown tones and an antique desk this is what you have to achieve in the sleeping area as well. You have to unify the two zones and this will make work a much more delightful task. If you share your desk with your spouse, look for matching bedroom chairs that represent both your styles.

Photo credit: Decorpad

Love, love, loveee it! Simple and modern, this bedroom is mostly black and white and it accomplishes both tasks: the desk is near the window where is plenty of light and the sleeping area is clutter free and relaxing.

 Photo credit: Centsational girl

Have your office in the guest bedroom to reduce interruptions to a minimum. A simple Parson chair, a laptop and a table is all it takes to have a creative and quiet office.

Photo credit: Alvhemmakleri

This one is very artistic and inspirational! The desk chair really stands out and the metallic leg contrasts against the shabby chic vibe of the room. Look for adjustable swivel bedroom chairs that don’t have that office look, you should aim for something modern and simple.

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